Wellness Goals – Ben & Jerry’s – My Heart

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, my job is to help people set achievable wellness goals and to create an action plan they can follow to accomplish those goals. I love what I do!

That being said, setting my own personal wellness goals for 2019 should have been a piece of cake. In the spirit of honesty and authenticity it turned out to be ice cream not cake. Picture me eating a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core ice cream while watching “A Star Is Born” on Apple TV, rather than writing down my wellness goals. Not to mention, I recently committed to replacing my unhealthy, late in the day, carb-eating habit with a healthy green tea habit. Thank goodness for God’s grace, he’s our biggest cheerleader. After the ice cream ordeal, there was no need to let guilt or shame be an obstacle in my path. It was just a matter of taking the next step in the right direction.

Here’s the deal ladies, as I was racking my brain trying to outline my personal health goals for 2019, I realized that God was giving me an answer through prayer, rather than a goal outline. I had been praying for God to give me wisdom, understanding, and a clear mission for this year, when all along I already had his answer. God led me back to my very own prayer from this fall.

9-19-2018 (My Prayer)

Lord, I feel your call on my life to create a space in this world that will glorify you. Allow me to  share you and your word, your precepts and promises; your love and encouragement. The desire of my heart is to be a blessing to women by connecting them with bits & pieces of you, your majesty & your love. Here I am Lord, responding to your call to encourage women about your faithfulness in every area of their lives, especially in the areas of faith, relationships and wellness. Often times Father, as women, we put our relationships with others above our relationship with you. We allow food and a lack of physical activity to derail us from the best version of ourselves. You created us to live with joyful energy, a sound mind, a healthy body. Most importantly you created us for meaningful relationship with you and the world around us. Please Lord, use the training and education I have been blessed with, along with my heart for you. Guide me Father, as I answer your call to connect the dots about how our relationship with you and others can be greatly influenced by our relationship with food and exercise. Help me to share the science behind exercise and nutrition that will empower us on our journey toward optimal health and the best version of ourselves.


There we have it, my goal is to share some of the tools that have worked for me in my journey of wellness. God is always on our side and cheering for us each day. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started.