Revelation vs. Resolution

Revelation vs. Resolution

A resolution according to Webster is a firm decision to do or not to do something. A revelation, on the other hand, is the making known of something that was previously unknown.

In order for me to have any chance at sticking to a New Year’s resolution in 2019, I’m gonna need to ask God for a revelation in 2019. As Father Matthew Krauth says, I want a character change, not just a January change.

Let our resolution this year be to seek to know God and ourselves better. In order to move forward towards the best version of ourselves, in our faith life, our relationships and our health & wellness, knowledge of God and self are critical.

First, a deeper knowledge of God and self will lead us to set realistic goals for this new year. Goals that will transform our character and develop virtues that will lead to long-term positive lifestyle change. Second, this deeper knowledge will help us identify the obstacles that may undermine the ability to achieve our goals.

Here’s the idea

Let’s spend this next week drawing closer to God, asking Him to reveal more of himself and His unconditional love for us, and to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves. If you’re like me sometimes there are long pauses between conversations with God, but I know He’s excited to hear from us.

Drawing closer to Him will look different for each of us. It could be prayer, spiritual reading, listening to peaceful music, connecting with a friend or family member for a discussion about faith. Draw close, your way. The common denominator we all will need is silence. Listening to what He has to say will prepare us to set realistic goals this year, for long-term character growth in our faith life, relationships, and our health & wellness.

I’m looking forward to sharing my next post with you, “Wellness goals 2019”.

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God Bless!