The 3-step recipe for Thriving on Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving 3:2:1

3 non-food tips: 2 food tips:1 gratitude tip

3 Non-Food Tips

  1. Stay hydrated.

    How to: If you’re not in the habit of drinking water throughout the day, set an alarm on your phone as a reminder. A good number to shoot for is roughly 4-6 glasses of H20. Each time you hear that alarm and drink your H20 stack on the practice of texting a loved one to let them know that you are thankful for them.

    For more info. on the benifits of water check out this link.


  2. Stay active—take leisurely walks and get short workout in.

    How to: Make a plan with a family member or friend to meet for a Thanksgiving day walk. Have some friendly competition with a loved one by tracking your steps on Thanksgiving day and mapping out a prize for the winner.

    Sidenote: Don’t have a smartwatch to track steps? No problem, here is a link to a free app you can download on your phone to track those steps.


  3. Sleep well on Thanksgiving eve.

It’s simple—exhaustion puts you at risk for extra hunger and cravings.

How to: Set a bedtime that will offer you 8 hours of sleep. If your feeling anxious about all you need to do to prepare for Thanksgiving, grab a pen and paper and write it all down before your head hits the pillow. Getting things out of your brain and on paper for safekeeping can free you from the insomnia.

Also consider stopping drinking caffeinated beverages by late afternoon and letting go of your screens 30 minutes before bed.

Instead, dial-up your thankfulness before drifting off to sleep by playing the gratitude game in your head. Think of something or someone you are grateful for using each letter of the alphabet.

2 Food Tips

  1. Rethink your thanksgiving plate.

    How to: Fill your Thanksgiving dinner plate as so—50% veggies and green stuff, 25% turkey, 25% yummy side dishes, and dessert.

  2. Start your day with some nutrient-dense fuel.

    How to: If your Thanksgiving dinner takes place in the afternoon or evening, consider eating a healthy breakfast. Try incorporating some protein like eggs, yogurt, or a protein smoothie. Have some fiber—it will keep you full throughout the day. Click here for my favorite protein smoothie recipe.

1 Gratitude Tip

  1. Set “thankfulness” as your intention for the day. 

How to: Get creative! Start the day with reflection and journal everything you are grateful for.

Make a list—shoot for 100 people, places, things, or experiences you want to express gratitude for. Share gratitude with each person you come in contact with on Thanksgiving day. Check out this Gratitude card deck, it a great way to create meaningfull conversations with family and friends.