15 Ways Improve Your Health In 2024!

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15 Ways Improve Your Health In 2024!

Feel like life’s pushing you around, and you’re just trying to keep up? 

Oh sister, I’ve been there too! I’ve had my fair share of putting personal health on the back burner and letting the chaos of my schedule dictate my priorities. It quickly becomes a vicious cycle—skimping on sleep, grabbing whatever’s easy to eat, not getting outside to walk, then stressing over my jeans, feeling snug. 

Health is like a savings account, it compounds with every daily decision. The whole “do whatever it takes to crank out your to-do list mentality” works against your metabolism, not with it. 

That’s why I’m sharing 15 Nourishing Health Practices I teach my clients in RESTORE. 

Trust me; restoring your metabolism and health is much easier when you nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Remain curious, read through all the ideas, lean into your courage, and choose one of two ideas you are willing to explore, then lean into your compassion and allow yourself to experiment until you find what works for you.

5 Nourishing Health Practices For Your Mind 

Mindfulness, Meditation & Good Old Fashioned Quiet Time
Chronic high stress increases cortisol levels, which leads to fat storage. Simply take a few minutes to center your thoughts. Mindfulness and meditation are like a mental reset button, reducing stress and boosting clarity.

Try Learning Something New
Keep your mind sharp by exploring new things. Read, attend a workshop, or take online courses. Think out of the box in 2024. Lifelong learning not only stimulates your intellect but also brings joy and fulfillment

Limit Screen Time
Give your mind a break from the digital world. Set boundaries on screen time, especially before bedtime, for better sleep and improved focus during the day.

Seek Out Positive Relationships
Surround yourself with positivity. Engage in meaningful conversations and foster supportive relationships. Your social circle significantly influences your mental well-being.

Journaling for Reflection
Take a moment each day to jot down your thoughts and emotions. Journaling provides a therapeutic outlet, fostering self-awareness and mental clarity.

5 Nourishing Health Practices For Your Body 

Balanced Nutrition
Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods. Prioritize protein, fiber (in the form of veggies and fruit), healthy fat, and whole grains. The food you eat has the power to produce energy or drain your body of its most precious resource, energy. Your body will thank you for this one.

Regular Sleep Routine
Quality sleep is a game-changer. Establish a consistent sleep routine to support physical recovery and overall well-being.

Regular Physical Activity
Move your body regularly. Find activities you enjoy, be it walking, yoga, dancing, strength training, heck any movement counts. Consider taking the stairs and parking farther away at the store. Exercise not only boosts energy but also helps manage stress. 

No time for a workout? No problem. Try a 5-minute exercise snack video!

Hydrate Mindfully
Drink water throughout the day. Pay attention to your body’s signals, and ditch sugary beverages. Proper hydration supports digestion, skin health, and overall vitality.

Listen to Your Body
Tune in to your body’s needs. Pay attention to your body’s cues for stress, sleep, mood, hunger, energy, and cravings. Honor your body’s need for rest. Your body knows best, it’s time to start listening.

5 Nourishing Health Practices For Your Spirit 

Cultivate Gratitude
Start and end your day with gratitude. Acknowledge the positive aspects of your life for a sense of contentment and connection.

Embrace Nature
Spend time outdoors. Whether walking in the park or hiking, connecting with nature brings peace and a sense of awe.

Practice Faith & Spirituality
Nurture your faith & spiritual life. Engage in prayer and reflective practices aligning with your beliefs. For me, this is spending time in prayer and deepening my relationship with Christ to grow in strength and purpose.

Prioritize Self-Care
Set aside time for activities that bring joy and relaxation. Reading, taking a bath, or engaging in a hobby are great options. This year, prioritize self-care to recharge your spirit.

Connect with a Community
Build a supportive community. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your values. This sense of belonging encourages spiritual growth.

Restore your health in 2024! 

I am so passionate about helping women learn how to live in their best health that I created a fantastic free resource called the RESTORE Healthy Metabolism Guide

This 12-page resource is packed full of simple, nourishing health strategies, free workouts, exercise snacks, recipes, and all the tools you need to improve your health in 2024.

Download the RESTORE Metabolism Guide here

Have questions about where to start when it comes to nourishing your body, mind, and spirit, book a free discovery health call. 

Learn more about my 12-week health coaching program, RESTORE, here!

Ann Hackman
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, NASM CPT, Metabolic Optimization Coach


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